A Recipe For Murder – Interval

I hope you’re enjoying the series ‘A Recipe For Murder’ starring the chefs of Food Network.

It’s time for an interval, grab some popcorn (heavily buttered if you are of the Paula Deen persuasion) spend a penny and settle back in for Part Four.

After Gingerfightback seemed a bit perturbed that Jamie Oliver may be killed off, I thought I would throw it open to a public vote.

Who should get their head hacked off with a cleaver?

Who will burn their tongue by not waiting for the creme brulee to cool down?

Who will find themselves being basted at half hourly intervals in a 250 degree oven and being left to rest for the final 10 minutes covered with a clean tea towel?

Cast your vote below¬† (if voting doesn’t go the way I planned I reserve the right to ignore it completely and do what the hell I like)

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