Happy Birthday Hobbles!

Today is the birthday of my very good blogging friend The Hobbler

It’s also her son’s birthday today, which they purposefully timed with mathematical precision just so everyone could send a joint birthday card.  This shows how much she cares in order to save another tree being torn down for the greeting card industry.

Hobbles shares her birthday with a few other famed people:

Gary Glitter, former glam music star turned child pedophile.

Alex Van Halen, from…from Van Halen

Harry Truman, the 33rd president of the United States

Tom of Finland, drawer of homosexual imagery of leather men with large appendages.

One event occurred on this day in history, this day in 1945 signalled the end of World War II.

But more importantly this is the day The Hobbler popped out.

Happy birthday Hobbles!  xx

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